EHYC Membership Application

The Club was formed in June 1969 as a non-profit organization registered under the Societies Act. Total active membership is approximately 125 with 43 members in other categories. EHYC will never be a big club because we are limited to the present number of approximately 95 mooring positions and by a desire to remain small and friendly. Our members come from all walks of life and use the club to enjoy the full range of activities associated with sail and power boats.

The Club has a number of benefits and advantages to offer:

  • Protected mooring facilities with a resident Superintendent. The moorage is protected by a substantial floating breakwater system. Water and electricity are available on all docks.

  • The Clubhouse (situated on the rock bluff overlooking Eagle Harbour and the Straits), is well furnished and a great place for our club socials. We have a good social program, and because the club is small, it is easy to get to know people.

  • We have an active racing fleet, club cruises (sail and power), keen fishermen – some of the best; a good group to be part of.

  • Ideal location – for sailboats, the summer Wednesday evening and winter Snowflake races start right outside Eagle Harbour, and for fishermen there is good winter mooching a few yards from our breakwater. We are adjacent to the Howe Sound cruising and fishing grounds, with easy access to the Gulf Islands.

  • A very active Junior sailing training program operates in July and August.

Because the Club has a small membership base, we only have a minimum of staff. The breakwater and floats require regular maintenance, and some of this is carried out by work parties of members. New members should therefore know that they may be called upon to participate in an occasional work party – usually for two hours on a Saturday or Sunday in winter time. It’s a good way to get to know other members.
MOORAGE… As noted above the club has dock space to accommodate approximately 95 boats, depending on the blend of boats lengths at any given moment. Moorage is allocated according to seniority, and seniority is determined by membership number. A waiting list of members with their membership number is posted on the Yacht Club bulletin board and kept up to date at all times. The Club makes no guarantee as to when a new member will obtain moorage, since this depends entirely on the turnover rate, which varies from time to time Moorage is restricted to active member only and in case of a jointly owned boat, both owners must be active members. The maximum dimensions for a boat at Eagle Harbour are an overall length of 38.0 ft including all appendages and a beam of 12.0 ft. Charges for moorage, based on a sliding scale depending on boat length, are adjust from time but are generally cheaper than commercial at Vancouver marinas.

Joining The Club..

Each prospective member must complete the application form provided and send it to the address mentioned below, along with a cheque for the entrance fee. Entrance fee for Active and Non-Resident members may be paid in two installments, one half initially and the balance plus interest of 10% per year, on the first anniversary date or upon obtaining moorage, whichever happens sooner.
All new members should have their application signed by two sponsors who are members of the Club. If you do not know anyone in the Club, send in your application form to the Membership Secretary who will meet with you and introduce you to club members who can sign as sponsors.
We look forward to having you and your family in our Club. If you need further information please contact the Club Superintendent or Membership Secretary.


Shall be nineteen years of age or older and shall be entitled to vote, hold office, to have moorage space for one boat, to participate in social functions, to share in the distribution of assets upon dissolution and shall have seniority determined by membership number.

Shall be between nineteen and twenty-five years of age. An intermediate member shall be entitled to have moorage for one boat owned by that member, 16 feet or less in length and to participate in social functions and shall have seniority determined by membership number as though an active member. An intermediate member can neither vote, nor hold office, nor share in the distribution of assets upon dissolution. Except in the case where a junior member has converted to intermediate membership, in which event no entrance fee is required, the entrance fee for an intermediate member shall be not less than one quarter of the entrance fee of an active member and the annual dues shall be not less than one half the annual dues of an active member. An intermediate member must, on attaining the age of twenty-five years, convert to active membership by paying the prevailing entrance fee less the sum of any entrance fees and annual dues paid while either a junior member or an intermediate member or both. Failure to convert to active membership shall cause the intermediate member to cease to be a member of the Society

Shall be between the ages of ten and eighteen years and may, if sixteen years of age or older, store a sailing dinghy as space is available. A junior member shall be nominated, have no seniority in the Society and can neither vote nor hold office, except in the affairs of the Junior Club. Junior Club entrance fees and annual dues shall be set by the Executive.

ASSOCIATE: Must be twenty-five years of age or older and shall only have the privileges of participation in social functions, flying the Club burgee, entering races as members of the Club and obtaining transfer to Active membership upon request and the payment of the appropriate fee, being the prevailing initiation fee for Active members less the Associate membership fee previously paid. Seniority is acquired from the date of transfer.

Will be Active members who, while living on Vancouver Island, on the Gulf Islands or on the Sunshine Coast or in such areas from Whistler north, from Hope east or from the U.S. border south, wish to maintain an association and seniority with the Society. Non-resident members shall not be entitled to maintain moorage, vote, hold office, nor share in the distribution of assets upon dissolution. The annual dues are 25% of active membership dues.

An Active member may convert to Retired status by resigning Active status and thereafter shall pay the same annual dues as an Associate member. A Retired member may participate in social functions, fly the Club burgee, enter races as members of the Club but can neither vote, hold office nor share in the distribution of assets upon dissolution, nor have moorage space.

November 2018

Active Associate Intermediate
Entrance Fee: (Note 5% GST will be added to the following rates)
19-24 years $1,750 (annual dues $500)* $1,250 $800
25-29 years $3,500 (annual dues $500)* $1,250
30-34 years $6,500 $1,250
35-39 years $8,750 $1,250
40+ years $10,000 $1,250
Annual Dues: (Note 5% GST will be added to the following rates)
Annual Dues $840 $630 $420

Others: Non-Resident and Retired: Annual dues of $200.

Schedule of Junior Fees

Junior (A) Junior (B) Junior (C) Junior (D)
Price $95 $70 $70 $50
Description Regular member Member who attended sailing school Member whose parents are members Member whose parents are members and who attended sailing school

(Note 5% GST will be added to the Junior member rates)

* At age 30, or as soon as a member has moorage at the club, the annual dues revert back to the regular rate, currently $840 per year.